Dr. Subhash Khanna

Phone: 098640 23338


Hon. Secretary

Dr. Sunil D. Popat

Phone: 098250 09199


Hon. Treasurer

Dr. Ramen Goel

Phone: 098201 70763



My dear Fellow Members of IAGES family, Greetings to you all. As I assume the office as the President of the IAGES, I know I have a tough task ahead. Leading an association having over 6000 talented members and some of them having extra ordinary qualities is not going to be a very easy job for a person like me from the remote north east India. I know everybody has their own likes and dislikes, beliefs and mindset , and navigating my perception to the entire team would be a daunting task, so my humble request to each one of my dear friend/colleague to join me in my journey and help me so that jointly we and the IAGES can achieve greater heights. I know the association has a strong foundation formed by greats like Prof. T. E. Udwadia, and many more who have been icons for me and for many of us. I am a diminutive to fit in their shoes but I assure my colleagues that nothing shall deter me in taking the path that I feel shall lead us and our association to glory. If we work jointly with the single aim of propagating, and sharing knowledge, I do not feel any force can stop us. Apart from camaraderie, my main aim shall be to propagate knowledge, innovation and technological advances to each member of the association and to reach the remotest corner of the country by whatever outreach programme we can conduct apart from the ones that are already being done. I am fully aware that we are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. I thank each and everyone of you in advance for your blessings and support on my voyage for the cause of IAGES. God bless IAGES Long Live IAGES Prof. Dr. Subhash Khanna President IAGES.